How much coffee is ok?

18th Aug 2021

How much coffee is ok?

We are probably biased, but we think coffee is the best drink out there! But obviously there is an element of restrain required in terms of how much coffee you consume in a day.

As good as it would be to jus drink coffee all day, the level of caffein in your system needs to be monitored. That said, studies have shown that up to four cups a day is a safe amount. We think we can agree that is more than enough to get your fix. It's all about balance!

  • One of the most common benefits of drinking coffee include improving your energy levels and enhancing your attainment in daily life. This includes improving memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general mental function - not bad!
  • The caffeine found in coffee can support in fat loss. Studies have shown that caffeine can boost a person's metabolism by up to 11/% in some cases
  • Coffee pis packed with essential nutrients, all part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle

As we mentioned earlier, it is however, important to not over consumer due to excessive caffein levels. This is because too much caffeine can contribute to an increased blood pressure. If you have hit your allotted amount of coffee for the day but still crave a cup of coffee, why not try one of our decaf options. Alternatively, if you've got a handle on your cravings, then explore our full range of coffee, from podsground and whole bean.

Keep your eyes peeled across our site, as we are regularly updating our inventory of coffee, machines and accessories.